TCKIT Academy is operating in the development of future managers on several levels:


1. TCKIT Academy is developing contacts between universities internationally to establish Master's programs, e.g. between German and Iranian universities.

2. TCKIT Academy is offering certificate programs to train future or new-appointed managers in the field of management.

3. TCKIT Academy is offering single seminars and workshops about different topcis with well-selected trainers with hands-on experience in their fields.

--> Seminars are transfering the relevant management know-how to techncial staff with management ambitions including exercices. The output of a seminar is an increase of the management capabilities of the participants.

--> In Workshops, management know-how is applied to solve a pre-defined challenged to the company. The output of the workshop is the solution for a challenge.

     TCKIT Academy is a member of the iMOVE-Network


      TCKIT Academy is a division of
                                                                                 Kohlert & Company GmbH,